Thursday, 3 March 2016

Still in my cacoon

Guto is still in his cacoon too
Thursday 3rd March 2016

Still in my cacoon...

I am still in Peillac France, accepting that I need to rest and not worry too much about what is next.. I've been finding that a little challenging to say the least. 

Having the time during the day to myself has been good in a way, although I have really missed hanging out with my friend Alexandra (she has had to work in Redon every day) but I guess it has meant that Guto and I can do as we please during the day...

We have had nice walkies around a nearby lake and woodland area at L'lle aux Pies

L'lle aux Pies

We visited La Gacilly, a gorgeous little town a few miles away bursting with arty folks...

La Gacilly

Guto looking for squirrels

I've had the chance to reshuffle the layout in my van, (I need to make it work/comfy for big drive to Portugal on Sunday.. ) I really enjoyed doing that, I reeeally enjoy nesting, I find it very grounding and satisfying when I'm feeling a little lost.

On Tuesday I spent most of the day in Alexandra's huge studio sewing! Ahhh it was so nice to catch up on the pile of clothing repairs that I had with me and to actually make a scarf for myself (from material I bought from a fabric seconds factory in Vitre on the way down last Saturday) plus a few corsage brooches with fabric scraps.. I felt so in touch with myself once more... it is definitely my souls calling... being creative :)

Scarf that I made for myself

Today Guto and I went for a bimble around Peillac and checked out a pottery run by a lovely English couple. I will go back with Alexandra sometime before I leave and maybe buy a pot! (will take some pics too ;) )
On our walk I saw the cutest little building and thought it would make a funky studio/shop...aaahhh.... but I can dream hey?! ;)
Cute potential studio/shop in Peillac

Tonight I will pootle along to a local Crochet/knitting group that meet in a local cafe bar here in Peillac.. I hear there may even be an English lady there..but I will take my phrase book and knitting anyhoo and see how it goes..

Shop window in La Gacilly

Thanks for reading so far.. with love x