Sunday, 28 February 2016

In the beginning...

Sunday 28 Feb 2016

Me in my studio

I am a sensitive soul... embarking on a journey, creatively, physically and personally..

I have been working as an up-cyclist in Wales since 2009 but have recently lost the will a bit and lack energy and inspiration among other things, I have seriously felt like giving it all up! So, I recently sold most of my worldly belongings with a view to moving to and getting a job in the corporate world in Krakow Poland, where I have friends (actually they are more like my Polish adoptive family).

However, long story cut short...the universe has, it seems, other plans for me. So, I'm on my way to Portugal in my van with my whippet Guto, to visit my sister (and house sit for her in April whilst she returns to the UK for a month), via my friend's house in Peillac, France where I am currently, recovering from the past few months and the first part of my journey... feeling exhausted and a little lost, I attempt to start writing this blog?! Unsure of what I really want and where I actually want to be, let alone what I will be sharing on here, but anyway I feel it is a good thing to do....

The time that I will have in the Algarve I would like it to be spent chilling, reflecting, regrouping, healing, soul searching, experimenting creatively and being inspired by what unfolds whilst on my travels....

Maybe I will just share some of my own creations, my love of all things up-cycling, crafting, photography, travel and well as my thoughts, feelings and a visual diary of all the people, places and things that inspire me along the way...who knows?!!

Clothing by Kaotic Kittus

I am learning to go with the flow, let go of the need to control everything and getting it all right. NOT an easy task for me I can tell you ;)

I hope that this blog will not only help me find my own way but also maybe it will help others too... I am going a little blindly I know, but I do so with a genuine and open heart.. I invite you to walk with me a little, let's see where we end up?

Thank you for reading so far....I hope that you will enjoy my posts... with love.

Dress by Kaotic Kittus


  1. What a lovely read Sam, with the adventure of Poland, France and Portugal mixed in as flavours. Ohh to bare my soul so openly and scream my every thought in to the ethernet would be so liberating, guess Ill just keep shouting at the wind and read this instead

  2. This is going to be a good read! I'm excited to be with you on the journey at least virtually hearing about it. Bon Voyage!!!

  3. This is going to be a good read! I'm excited to be with you on the journey at least virtually hearing about it. Bon Voyage!!!

  4. I soooo want to be on your little adventure with you...

  5. Go girl, you brave creature. Loads of luck from Jill xx